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End Notes

“The Lesson of the Fig Tree”

Part Four


From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and put out its leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see all these things [the sun darken and stars fall], you know that He [Christ] is near, at the very gates. Truly, I say to you, this generation [the generation that sees the sun darken and the moon not give off light] will not pass away until all these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. (Matt 24:32–35)



Christians in Western nations have had comfortable lives for centuries—not so in Africa or Asia, where being “Christian” guarantees exclusion from either Muslim or atheist central governments. However, when the Second Passover occurs, greater Christendom in Western Europe and the United States will suddenly take two hard body blows … with Christian Europe’s low birthrate, less than their population’s replacement rate, more than half of all Christian Europeans are firstborns, with almost none having been redeemed by taking the Passover sacraments on the Passover. Approximately half of Americans are firstborns, again with almost none having been redeemed. Therefore, at the Second Passover, a large percentage of the Christian European and a significant percentage of Christian America will die as uncovered, biological firstborns, leaving few Christians to be filled-with and empowered by the spirit of God, whereas in Third World nations where birth rates are higher, the majority of the Christian population will live into the Affliction.

The second blow that especially European Christians will take is the antiquity and rigidity of the Christian Church in Europe—and if the Christian Church has falsely worshiped God for centuries, it is extremely unlikely that any “getting right with God” will cause Christians to jettison “Christian traditions.” As a result, traditional Christians will figuratively dig in their heels and resist walking in this world as observant Jews, the way Jesus walked in this world. Hence, they will quickly return to Sin as Israel in the wilderness wanted to return to Egypt.

Also, Europeans tend to not store food in their homes, but to rely on daily deliveries. The ransom price paid in European nations at the time of the Second Passover will disrupt the daily order of everything, including food deliveries into population centers; hence, the breakdown of authority resulting from so many uncovered firstborns perishing in a day will be compounded by the hunger of the people remaining alive. Europe’s unarmed civilian population will be at the mercy of hooligans, who will have no mercy in them.

In the United States, the food distribution system is controlled by a few large companies, with the Federal Government having on hand millions of MREs to feed hungry civilians in times of national emergencies. There is only days-worth of food in the distribution system, and as seen when a hurricane threatens, stores selves can be emptied in hours, with no replacement inventory on its way. So when the Second Passover occurs—and before Americans are more than a few days into the Affliction—most of the nation’s urban population will be dependent upon FEMA’s MREs, thereby producing a situation analogous to the seven years of famine in Egypt in the days of Joseph, when Pharaoh leveraged stored grain into absolute control of the nation. A hungry population will be less interested in civil liberties than in a little food in bellies.

However, since 1937, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has encouraged its members to have on hand in their homes everything they will need to live for a year. In the homes of Mormons is perhaps the largest stockpile of food in North America—and there is an office within Latter Day Saint hierarchy tasked with leveraging food into discipleship in times of food shortage. I suspect many Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and Methodists will take a fresh look at LDS doctrines following the Second Passover; for Latter Day Saints are prepared to defend themselves and their nation in times of national calamity.

Should Sabbatarian Christendom be less prepared than Latter Day Saints, especially when most Sabbatarian Christians believe that the mark of the beast is Sunday worship … the mark of the beast [chi xi stigma] is the tattoo [stigma] of Christ’s [chi] cross [xi], but Sunday worship will, following the Second Passover, head the person into the lake of fire. So the Sabbatarian Christian who will not, under any condition, worship on Sunday needs to act like he or she believes the Sabbatarian will not be able to buy or sell without worshiping on Sunday. This Sabbatarian should have on hand a reasonable food reserve, not so much as to attract attention to the person or for the person to trust in the reserve rather than in God, but enough that the person can eat for a while.

When I first moved onto the Kenai Peninsula in 1974, many of the scattered residents ordered their winter groceries in the fall, and had their groceries delivered in one shipment. This is what I, too, did although we didn’t have enough financial resources to order as much as we knew we would need (as a result, we spent a month in late winter living on frozen potatoes, which aren’t bad if they are placed in boiling water while they are are still frozen). But what I found is that all winter’s groceries were mostly consumed by January. What Latter Day Saints will find is that their year’s-worth of food stuff will last them just past the Apostasy; will last just long enough that they will collectively rebel against God on day 220, again a Sunday in December.

As introduced in the previous End Note, the world has never been harvested before so no human person knows what to expect in the violence of harvesting humanity. What can be known is it isn’t fleshly bodies that will be harvested, but the inner selves [souls] that are to be gathered to God. So while people will be frightened of the flesh dying and will do things they wouldn’t presently contemplate just to live another day, it will be the inner self of the person who loves God more than his or her own fleshly body that will be gathered to God … the fleshly body, like a bauble on a Christmas tree, is of no importance to God and only serves as a distraction to prevent humanity from realizing how futile human life has been.

Christians, even in lawless fellowships, know what the “Jesus” of the Gospels has said about “‘whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it’” (Matt 16:25); “‘Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life’” (John 12:25) … the harvest of humanity, conducted with all of the violence seen in taking a sickle to standing grain, shocking it, then driving cart wheels over it, winnowing it, grinding it into fine flour and finally baking the flour, with leavening, in fire to produce two loaves of bread to be waved before the Lord on the Feast of Weeks [Pentecost]—all of this violence and more will be employed in bringing sons of God into the household of God. Hence, Christians in this endtime era will get to experience the “newness” of harvesting, not exactly what they will want to experience. They will want to escape the soon-to-come time of trouble and turmoil. They would like the heat of summer not to come. But alas, autumn belongs to the harvest that will take place at the end of the Millennium. It is the harvest of the summer that will shortly be at hand.

Again, following being filled-with and empowered by the spirit of God at the Second Passover liberation of a second nation of Israel, the vast majority of today’s traditional Christians will return to Sin and thus condemn themselves to the lake of fire. Their physical lives will be more important to them than obeying Moses—and that is how they will perceive keeping the Commandments. They will insist (to each other) that they worship Christ, not the Law, not Moses, not ancient Israel, and they will use every excuse now imaginable and some that are not today imaginable to justify continuing the traditions of greater Christendom. But—and here is where their excuses will fail them—when they realize the third part of humanity, following the Kingdom being delivered to the Son of Man, only has to endure to the end to be saved, and they will, as mentioned previously, accuse God of being unfair. And it is here where I want to pick up a thread dropped.

A Christian today in North Africa perceives Islam as its enemy, as an enemy of Christ Jesus, but that is not exactly God’s perspective; for the Christian is also an enemy of Christ. And once the Son of Man receives dominion over the single Kingdom of this world and baptizes all flesh in the spirit of God, Muslims will have the Torah written on hearts and placed in minds so that all flesh Knows the Lord. And regardless of how much Muslims have hated Jews, in order for a Muslim to endure to the end and thereby be saved, he or she will have to swallow centuries of hate and come to peace with the realization that as ideological descendants of the firstborn son of Abraham, Ishmael, they can enter heaven as firstborn sons of God if they can forgive …

For a Muslim to forgive a Jew will be difficult, but for a Muslim to forgive God will be humanly impossible, especially when they realize that they have been worshiping the wrong deity since the days of Mohammad.

Christians have been theologically smothered by the traditions of the greater Church, but Muslims in memorizing the visions of Mohammad have held falsehoods up as truths for so long that if Islam was filled with spirit while the Adversary remained the prince of the power of the air, not one Muslim would be saved. All—one hundred percent—would remain where they theologically are, the Adversary’s nature being projected in their nature. Therefore, it is an act of love toward the firstborn son of Abraham to delay calling Islam until Christ Jesus reigns as the prince of this world.

Rebelling Christians will say that God is unfair because they had to overcome the Adversary as the still reigning prince of this world—the reason why they rebelled against God—and Muslims do not. But again, consider what the Muslim will have to overcome: generational hate and false teachings. They will have to overcome knowing the story of Haggar; knowing that by rights, Ishmael should have received the birthright. They will have to overcome being reminded of Jacob’s deception of Isaac. And they will have to overcome all of this with the Antichrist insisting that they submit to the “cross,” the image of death … the Antichrist will have no more success convincing Muslims to worship the cross after they are filled with spirit than Christians have today of convincing Muslims to worship the cross, thankfully.

However, Muslims will cease to be “Muslims” when they are filled with spirit. Same pertains to Buddhists and Hindis and atheists. Actually, the same will pertain to Christians that form the second nation of Israel.

It might well be that greater Christendom, when filled with spirit in the Affliction, has less not more to overcome than does the third part of the little ones who will be refined as silver is refined [in fire by melting] and tested as gold is tested [against a touchstone] (Zech 13:9). For a visible Antichrist—the Adversary cast into space-time—will be able to produce wonders in the sky (great signs) that will make him appear as the Messiah, which he will claim to be and whom Islam has been expecting. Thus, if the Antichrist wasn’t hung-up on making the image of “Death,” the fourth beast of Daniel chapter 7, speak and live so that the Antichrist can kill on a wholesale basis, it is very likely he would succeed in getting Islam to rebel against God …

The “cross” is the image of Death. It is for this reason that Jesus had to be killed on a cross; for Jesus by His resurrection defeats Death. However, a thing is not scripturally established except by the testimony of two or three. Jesus’ physical death and resurrection does not, by itself, establish the defeat of Death. The resurrection of the two witness will. Hence, Death, the fourth horseman and fourth beast, will be dealt a mortal wound with the resurrection of the two witnesses, who like Jesus had-to, have to get themselves killed on a particular day.

When the two witnesses are killed, dominion over the single kingdom of this world will be taken from the Adversary and delivered to the Son of Man three days later.

If a Christian has made good use of the time he or she has spent covered by the garment of grace, the Christian will have practiced walking in this world as Jesus walked—and as a human child strengthens leg muscles by walking while holding onto hands, or while holding onto chairs or sofas, the infant son of God will be able to walk uprightly before God, Father and Son, by having practiced doing so. Unfortunately, Christians within the greater Church have made little or no effort to walk uprightly before God.


In the Affliction, again the first 1260 days of the seven endtime years, Trinitarian Christians, especially Roman Catholics, never leave Sin, geographically represented by Egypt: they habitually transgress the 1st-Commandment as well as the 4th-Commandment. So in Scripture, the Roman Church and its “daughters” are represented by the King of the South, the demonic king identified as Sin; the demonic king to whom they pledge their allegiance. And the King of the South is prophetically overrun by the King of the North near the end of the Affliction.

The domain of the King of the North, Death, is geographically represented by Assyria, where Jonah did not want to go for he knew Nineveh would repent at his preaching and he wanted Nineveh destroyed … Jesus gave one sign that He was of heaven, the sign of Jonah, which when read physically pertains to Him being three days and three nights in the heart of the earth as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale [great fish]. When read spiritually, the sign of Jonah pertains to the movement of the breath of life (represented by the radical from aspiration, <h or ah>) from the front of the face, the nose, represented by the nasal consonant <n>, to behind the face from where a whale breathes—Peter’s father was “John” [’Ioahnnou], not “Jonah” [’Ionah]. This movement is also “heard” in the pronunciation of <Petros> versus <petra> (see Matt 16:17–18).

But as a red sky has one meaning at dusk (going into darkness) but an opposing meaning at dawn (going into the light), the sign of Jonah has a physical meaning and a spiritual meaning. However, when Jesus introduced the physicality of the sign of Jonah in Matthew chapter 12, He also introduced the concept of a common judgment at which the men of Nineveh would be raised from death at the same time as the men of Israel who would not believe Him …

A common judgment doesn’t well address a harvest of firstfruits (the barley harvest) and a main crop wheat harvest—the Affliction and Endurance represents one harvest, that of the firstfruits, a harvest that was “concealed” in Scripture by the time-distance between when prophecies were given and when they will be fulfilled. So, going back to the sign of Jonah, all of humanity that has died or will die [except for the Elect] prior to the Second Passover will be resurrected and judged in a common judgment—this is the shadow and type of the harvest of firstfruits that will occur when the Messiah comes as King of kings and Lord of lords.

But the harvest of firstfruits, being a spiritual reality, is also the shadow and type of the main crop spiritual harvest of humanity at the end of the Millennium.

From where we, as endtime disciples, stand and look forward to the Millennium, we cannot “see” the detail that will be seen once dominion is taken from the Adversary. But we can make certain statements concerning those human persons who live physically into the Millennium …

All who live physically into the Millennium will be filled with spirit and will be without indwelling sin or death and will have no reason to come under judgment or condemnation unless the person takes unbelief (of God) back inside the person. Therefore, the person who is not under condemnation will pass from dwelling in a physical body to dwelling in an imperishable body in the twinkling of an eye, what Paul wrote to Thessalonians but got the time for this change wrong … it didn’t happen in his lifetime, and it won’t happen to anyone earlier than the return of the Messiah. It will happen, however, to all who are without condemnation at the end of the Millennium.

The sign of Jonah in the Endurance of Jesus, as it pertains to those persons who are of spiritual Nineveh, will see former Arian Christians (one godders) from the Affliction join with now former Muslims (also one godders) to leave Death, geographically represented by Assyria. Although former Muslims will initially have no understanding of spiritual birth, or of whom Christ Jesus is, they will no longer deny Christ and deny their only means of receiving indwelling eternal life. Rather, they will stand and condemn greater Christendom for its unbelief, manifested as lawlessness. Collectively, they will spurn the cross, and starve rather than move even an inch toward taking the mark of the beast. Mohammad prepared them to reject all aspects of Trinitarian ideology; the glorified Jesus will prepare them to love their enemies.


Most Trinitarian Christians have believed for centuries that Arianism was a dead theology, but as I have written elsewhere, ideas are difficult to kill. They tend to resurface in a slightly altered form to again cause problems. And the belief that Jesus was a created being [when He was created isn’t theologically important; that He was created is the heresy] is at the heart of Arianism’s denial of Christ. Hence, because Arian Christians perceived God the Father as “never begotten” and Jesus as the “only begotten,” they deny that Jesus as the Logos [’o Logos] was the Creator of all things physical (John 1:3); that as Yah, Jesus was the God [Theos] whom Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob worshiped; that as Yah, Jesus was the God [Theos] of living ones; that God the Father was and is the God [Theos] of dead ones.

If a Christian denies Christ, Matthew’s Jesus says that He will deny the person before God the Father (Matt 10:33)—and if Jesus denies the person before the Father, the person is “denied,” without eternal life. Hence, Arian and neo-Arian Christians are, in Scripture, represented by the King of the North, the fourth horseman, Death. And Daniel’s sealed long vision addresses war between the King of the South and the King of the North during the Affliction, with the King of the North—again, Death—finally prevailing over the King of the South … Trinitarian Christendom and Arian Christendom will make war against each other throughout most of the Affliction. And it will be in Sabbatarian Christians’ best interest to keep their heads down and permit these two lawless heavyweights to fight against each other.

It has become time to wrap up this End Note; so a few points need repeated. All Christians will be liberated from Sin at the Second Passover, but the vast majority of greater Christendom will rebel against God, Father and Son, 220 days after the Second Passover, with the day of the Apostasy [the great falling away] being a Sunday in December of the calendar year of the Second Passover. Trinitarians and Arians will join in rebelling against God, but that will be about the last thing they do together. For with their return to Sin [transgression of the Sabbath Commandment], their differences in perception of who Christ is will divide them and cause a real shooting war to develop between them. And while Trinitarian Christendom will initially have a numerical advantage, the primary neo-Arian denomination has been, since the 1930s, preparing to leverage food into discipleship. And when these new Arians are joined by converts from Islam, Trinitarian Christendom’s numerical advantage will be lost … it will be near the end of the Affliction before the King of the North prevails over the King of the South; before the center of Christianity shifts from Rome to Salt Lake City. So crossing from the Affliction into the Endurance, there will be no Roman Church. The scarlet whore of Revelation chapter 17 cannot be the Roman Church or the Pope.

I will leave discussion of the great whore to another End Note; for it is unlikely than any present reader will remain physically alive when dominion over the single kingdom of this world is given to the Son of Man. Most have made no preparation to survive a period of death and destruction unlike any the world has ever known; for stored beans and wheat will not be enough to ensure survival. It will take survival skills of the sort most Christians do not—in the affluent Western World—have in order to make it; for if when the man of perdition appears, declaring himself “god” inside of Christendom on day 220 of the Affliction, Israel is to flee to the hills, it would seem reasonable to flee when the going is easier, like right now. The only problem is that when the Second Passover liberation of a second Israel is further delayed, Christians will return to cities where life is simpler and pizza is available for home delivery.

Too much knowledge might well be worse than too little, given Christianity’s proclivity to believe that every Christian has rightly divided the Word of God and has all truth … despite the hundreds of denominations and thousands of sects, there is no Christian who will say that he or she falsely worships Christ. All believe they worship God, Father and Son, in “spirit and truth.” And here is where I will leave this End Note and go to a Common Greeting.


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