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And I will make you fishers of men. Matt 4:19

The Philadelphia Church

The Philadelphia Church is an association of autonomous fellowships theologically united in delivering the endtime good news [gospel] that all who endure to the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13).

The Second Passover

It will be on or about this date when a time as it was in the days of Noah, who in the six hundredth year of his life, on the 17th day of the second month (Gen 7:11), saw the flood come and sweep all away will begin that catches humanity unaware, this time being the Tribulation.

Homer Kizer Ministries

No one test of whether my prophetic and scriptural understanding is of Christ is possible until after Satan comes as the Antichrist 1260 days prior to Christ’s return. But one test will certainly rule in or rule out my prophetic understanding: the occurrence or non-occurrence of a second Passover slaughter of firstborns not covered by the Blood of Christ.

All that really matters is endurance ...

The Endurance

You can have a part in the first resurrection if he or she endures to the end. All that really matters is endurance; for to endure, the person will develop the faith necessary to be in the resurrection of firstfruits.

Common Greetings

In early November 1959, I slammed the Bible shut and said to myself, Well, if you’re gonna believe the Bible, you have to keep the Sabbath. Luckily, or so I then thought, I wasn’t convinced the Bible was anything but a collection of myths and superstitions.

More On Matthew

My calling didn’t include special revelations, nor visions, but only audible words that had a thinginess about them that caused them to remain fore-grounded in my mind for hours, even days afterwards. Evidently, it was assumed on high that I would figure out what I needed to say in rereading what has been read so many times before. And revelation by realization for the past fourteen plus years has been steady and on-going.