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The Mission

Delivering the Endtime Gospel of Christ


The endtime gospel that must be proclaimed to the world as a witness to all nations is the good news that all who endure to the end shall be saved (Matt 24:13–14). The person who endures to the end shall be saved by the outpouring of Holy Spirit on all flesh halfway through seven endtime years of tribulation; this outpouring coming when dominion over the single kingdom of this world is taken from the Adversary and given to the Son of Man.

Every person who was not been previously born of spirit will, when the spirit of God is poured out on all flesh (Joel 2:28), be then filled with spirit, and thus liberated from indwelling Sin and Death. And when filled with spirit, the person not previously born of spirit will be analogous to “Seth,” the third son of the first Adam and first Eve, with this third son formed from the third part of the little ones (Zech 13:9).

All who profess that Jesus is Lord [greater Christendom] will be filled with spirit and thus liberated from indwelling Sin and Death at the Second Passover, with all of Christendom being spiritually as ancient Israel was physically in the days of Moses … the two witnesses will be two brothers analogous to Moses and Aaron.

When filled with spirit, Sin and Death will no longer reside in the fleshly members of initially the Christian and then the professed unbeliever. The person, Christian or unbeliever, will no longer be a son of disobedience, enslaved by disobedience, enslaved by the present prince of the power of the air (e.g. Rom 11:32; Eph 2;2–3), who will be cast to earth when dominion is taken from him, a one-time event that has not yet happened (Rev 12:7–12; 11:15–18; Dan 7:9–14) within the perspective of human persons. And when a person is free to believe God, unbelief becomes sin for which no sacrifice remains. Therefore, when every person is free to believe God, the person who takes sin back inside the person will commit blasphemy against the spirit. Conversely, all who endure in faith will be saved is truly good news in our present age of lawlessness.

When filled with spirit at the Second Passover liberation of a second nation of Israel, greater Christendom, every Christian will spiritually be as righteous Abel was physically. However, the majority of greater Christendom will, within the person, slay righteous “Abel” by taking Sin in the form of a transgression of the Law originating in unbelief back inside the Christian, thereby morphing the inner self of the Christian into spiritual “Cain,” marked for the second death. So as Seth was a son born to replace righteous Abel, the spiritual “Seth” will be liberated from indwelling Sin and Death to replace spiritual “Abel”: this is truly good news for all who do not today identify themselves as Christians. This is, however, a dire warning to all Christians not to think more highly of themselves than they ought; for as the Law was given at Mount Sinai to bring Sin to life so that Sin might devour unbelieving Israel, all of Christendom will be filled with the Holy Spirit to bring Sin to life inside the spirit of the unbelieving Christian so Sin might devour the spirit in the Christian. And articles on this website and linked sites will make apologies for why all of this homepage message is true.

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